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Among an experienced trading company in the world, A & B Chemical Corporation has architected a stable and reliable sourcing system. The sourcing system is not only focusing on the Taiwanese area, but also on the other regions. This Company always sources the high quality products from globalized pioneer producers, and has developed tight connection with them. Basing on our customers’ inquiries, and assisting by our sourcing system, this Company has provided our valuable customers with the most suitable and competitive products since the first day of our business. However, this Company is not satisfied with the sources we have, we are always keeping an eye on every potential source to provide more choices to our customers!


A & B Chemical Corporation has reached the pioneer producers in these countries:




Global petrochemical and oleochemical conferences and meetings provide good networking opportunities for all of petrochemical and oleochemical participants. Please refer to the following organizations for more information.
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It is this Company’s pleasure and honor to participate and sponsor some of the following annual conferences and meetings!

The Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference
The European Petrochemical Association
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
Chemorbis Asia Annual Meeting
POC Malaysia
Palm & Lauric Oils Conference & Exhibition