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As a lead trading company in the chemistry field, A & B Chemical Corporation has sold our carried items to the places where inquire our service. This company's sales route has no boundary, as we have the functional logistic department in charge of most of our shipments. Moreover, benefiting from the global sourcing system, the Company’s trading items increase annually, to provide the most convenient one-stop-shop experience to our customers. The one-stop-shop experience is welcomed by our customers, and it plays an important role upon we create our sales route. This Company has successfully and regularly targeted our trading activities to the following countries:


Egypt/ Mozambique/ South Africa/ Zimbabwe
Argentina/ Brazil/ Chile/ Ecuador/ Peru/ Venezuela
China/ Hong Kong/ India/ Indonesia/ Japan/ Korea/ Malaysia/ Philippines/ Singapore/ Sri Lanka (ex-Ceylon)/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Vietnam
Turkey/ Ukraine
Austria/ Belgium/ Germany
Iran/ Israel/ Jordan/ Saudi Arabia

In addition to the overseas offices, this Company arranges several bonded warehouses in different locations. These bonded warehouses are easy reached, and had been evaluated by the highest standard. If either bonded warehouse is near your place, delivering through it is the most efficient transit solution!


Overseas Bonded Warehouse

Please find the bonded warehouse locations where may nearby your place.



Shanghai/ Qingdao/ Xiamen/ Whampoa/ Ningbo/ Zhangjiagang/ Jiangyin



Cat Lai/ Haiphong