“The fundamental things apply, As time goes by.” by Herman Hupfeld, American author.


A & B Chemical Corporation starts its business by trading petrochemical items. As this Company accumulates more and more customers, we believe that we have to set up overseas offices to serve our customers comprehensively. Until this year, this Company has opened six overseas offices in four nations. In addition, upon this Company gets to know more reliable suppliers, we trust that we should step into the oleochemical field, and provide correlated oleochemical materials to our petrochemicals customers. Lots of our petrochemical customers have benefited from this one-stop-shop service. Furthermore, by understanding that new high-tech products lead our daily life, this Company decides to contribute all of our sources to provide high-tech field customers the best choice of their feedstock. Many high-tech products customers are now gaining more competitive raw materials from this Company nowadays.


Owning more than twenty years experience, A & B Chemical Corporation firmly believes that “innovation” and “diversity” play important roles in this Company’s spirit, since the first day of the business.




Innovation is an important part of our core value, and it is also a high standard culture in our business. This Company always introduces new and suitable items to our customers, and always welcomes any new items’ inquiries. Therefore, this Company does not feel satisfied with the items which we are carrying currently, and is always targeting any item which is new to this field, as well as highly recommended and suitable to our customers.


A & B Chemical Corporation respects the difference, and believes the difference contains lots of energy. Hence, this Company trades not only petrochemical items, but also oleochemical and high-tech field materials. Moreover, this Company sources all of our items from different regions, and trades those items to variety nations, to ensure all of our customers and suppliers can enjoy the advantages which are brought by the diversity!