2017.09 Opened Mumbai office, India.
2015.07 Opened Hanoi City, Vietnam office.
2014.07 Opened Qingdao, China office.
2014.03 Opened kuala lumpur, Malaysia office.
2011.12 Relocated Taipei headquarters.
2011.12 Dissolved Cairo, Egypt office due to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011
2011.03 Opened Xiamen, China office.
2010.02 Opened Jakarta, Indonesia office.
2009.12 Opened Cairo, Egypt office
2009.10 Opened Manila, The Philippines office.
2006.12 Opened Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam office.
2000.03 Opened Dongguan, China office.
2000.03 Opened Shanghai, China office.
1990.03 Established A & B Chemical Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan.